Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello all, today's post has to do with compost! Luckily, I got my hands on some very lovely coffee grounds! I have a tumbling compost bin which works quite fabulously if I do say so myself.
In total I added about 25 lbs of coffee grounds to my nearly barren bin - if you are wondering how I acquired such a heaping amount of grounds you can thank my friends at the local Starbucks. The well known coffee shops are usually happy to let you haul away their old grounds so just call ahead and they'll get you squared away.
I usually add some egg shells in the bin every morning, food scraps, and dry leafy material.
As you can see, the bin is not nearly as full as you would expect for 25  lbs of grounds, but this thing is HUGE.

So, in the near future I will be gathering more ingredients for this concoction. STAY TUNED.

As for my babies:

4/6 not bad - The Waterfarm is torture, I'm thinking of just transplanting that poor little thing into soil just to put an end to its misery.
The yellow pest catcher plant looks a little rough, that's mainly because I messed up and stuck the leaf to the sticky underside. Still works like magic though - naturally.
I'll post more on the pest catcher as I personally find it great.
Hopefully theses plants progress and become stronger.
Give me your opinions, do you think I should transplant the waterfarm sprout or just adjust the system itself?